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Stolen game, free whistle

2010-12-27 23:20:32 by SquareHard

The author even writes in his comments the flash game isn't his, how awesome of him.

Anyways, if anyone is interested in the whistle point.

Original submission,

and here's stolen game,

Stolen Work, whistle this low life (Mission complete)

2010-02-18 15:18:05 by SquareHard

stolen --->

from ---> /

i think the worst part about all of it is that the software he used to rip it left a watermark dead center.


Mission completed. That low life got what he deserved :D

Thanks for the help guys.

Stolen Game

2010-01-18 13:18:59 by SquareHard

Mission complete!


A Typical Day In Japan

2010-01-14 00:03:51 by SquareHard

Just another typical day in Japan.

A Typical Day In Japan

I'm back!

2009-05-16 22:44:47 by SquareHard

Hey guys,

It has been a very long few years since I have last done anything with flash, but I am now back and currently working on a project that will hopefully be released this coming Friday or Saturday. And yes, this means I will begin to pick up everything I have left unfinished. Thanks to all of the old school fans and I also hope to make fans to the new faces of NG.

Until next week.


P.S. I have also included a hint of whats to come next weekend.