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I'm back!

2009-05-16 22:44:47 by SquareHard

Hey guys,

It has been a very long few years since I have last done anything with flash, but I am now back and currently working on a project that will hopefully be released this coming Friday or Saturday. And yes, this means I will begin to pick up everything I have left unfinished. Thanks to all of the old school fans and I also hope to make fans to the new faces of NG.

Until next week.


P.S. I have also included a hint of whats to come next weekend.


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2009-05-16 22:50:11

Bout time you came back.

SquareHard responds:

yeah, real life stuff started to crowd up, so had to clear all that out of the way. back to "work". ;P


2009-06-12 05:59:25

Glad to see you are back SH. =)

SquareHard responds:

^__^! nice to see youre still around too.


2009-12-15 20:45:49

Glad to have you back buddy, long time no see. You just inspired me to come out of flash retirement!

Oh and if you need voices for any of your movies, let me know. I'm actually becoming a pretty popular voice actor on here. My next voice acting project is "Star Wars: Megaplex 30" and guess who is gonna be my co-star? Tom Fulp!

SquareHard responds:

Awesome to see you back friend :D